Maryland's K12 Public School Compensation Transparency

Case studies of the dismal politics, policy, and practice of
K12 compensation transparency in Maryland

Copied below is the data that was the subject of a half dozen Public Information Act requests to the MSDE Public Information Office. Only a small fraction of the requested data was provided. Much of the missing data make it impossible to analyze the incentives for attracting and retaining teachers and other staff. All individual level identifying information, including that which is legally disclosable under Maryland law, was excluded. Despite MSDE’s creative and last-minute legal theory that individual level salary data is exempt from public disclosure under Maryland’s licensing exemption, MSDE decided to “voluntarily” disclose this information.

Alas, the 80,000+ anonymous records of K12 public school staff in Maryland are slow to load. So if you want to view this file, be patient. Since MSDE excluded more than 90% of the staffing data it collects from local districts, the file itself is relatively small. Still, it is large enough that there will likely be a notable delay in loading it.  Depending on the speed of your computer and Internet connection, you might want to take a break while waiting for this file to download.

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